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Director and Supervisor

"Operate first-class bank with high-end talents"

Well Link Bank firmly believes in “operating first-class bank with high-end talents”. Our appointed management team has very rich practical banking experience. About half of the Board of Directors members served as senior bank officials. One was appointed as senior management personnel of the World Bank, and other three members have professional practical operating experience in large banks. The remaining of the Board of Directors members are successful entrepreneurs and lawyers. In addition, existing management personnel are conductive to maintain our good cooperative relationship with Portuguese-speaking countries.  

 Professional Team

        Mr. Zhang Sheng Man

      Chairman of Board of Directors, Well Link Bank

      Mr. Zhang is a reputable international banker with extensive experience. He worked in the PRC Ministry of Finance in 1981-1993, in the capacity of Deputy Director and Vice Secretary. In 1993-2005, he held several senior positions at the World Bank, including Executive Director (China), Vice President cum Chief Secretary, Senior Vice President, Chairman of Operations Committee, Sanctions Committee and Anti- Fraud and Corruption Committee. Mr. Zhang then joined Citigroup in 2006-2016, and held senior positions including the Vice Chairman of Global Banking, Chairman of the Public Sector and Chief Operating Officer, Vice-CEO and Chairman of Asia Pacific Region. In addition, he was a Non-Executive Director of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission in 2007-2010.

        Mr. Ng Man Kung

        Chairman of Supervisory Board, Well Link Bank

      Based in Hong Kong, Mr. Ng is an industry veteran with more than four decades of experience in banking. He was appointed as the Managing Director and General Manager of Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited in 1992, and as the Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive in 2001. He retired from Chiyu in 2012. In 2014-15 he was a business consultant for China Orient Asset Management (International) Holdings Limited. He also holds INED (independent non-executive director) positions for several listed companies in Hong Kong. Mr. Ng was a member of the council of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 1999 to 2003 and a member of Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference from 1993 to 2013.

        Mr. Xu Chujia - Non-Executive Director

        Chairman of Board of Directors of Well Link Financial Group

        Ms. Ngan Yuen Ming - Non-Executive Director

        Well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur in Macau, Chairman of Board of Directors of Meng Tak Charity Association; spouse of Mr. Ma Iao Lai from the prestigious Ma family in Macao.

        Mr. Paulo Jorge Fernandes Franco - Non-Executive Director

        Head of Corporate Marketing Department at NOVO BANCO, S.A.

        Ms. Hon Wai Ming - Independent Non-Executive Director

        Served 28 years in the Hong Kong Insurance Authority and last served as the Assistant Commissioner of Insurance (Long Term Business); awarded with the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the Government of Hong Kong in 2011.

        Mr. So Shing Shun - Independent Non-Executive Director

        Former General Manager of BOC Credit Card (International) Limited; Chair of Board of Directors of Nova Credit Limited.

        Mr. Tse Yung Hoi - Independent Non-Executive Director

        Chairman of Board of Directors of BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited; awarded with the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the Government of Hong Kong in 2013.

       Mr. Fang Hongguang – Independent Non-Executive Director

        Former President of Bank of China Guangdong Branch; former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive of Nanyang Commercial Bank (China)

        Ms. Du Miaomiao - Executive Director and CEO

      Equipped with over 25-year banking experiences; served as the Deputy Head of RMB & Product Promotion Division, General Manager of the Executive Office, International Department and Private Banking Division of China Construction Bank Guangdong Branch and the Deputy CEO (Alternate CEO) of Bank of Shanghai (Hong Kong).

         Mr. Huang Ruisheng – Executive Director

          Served more than 21 years in China Construction Bank Shenzhen Branch, successively as Deputy General Manager of Information Technology Department and Personal Finance Department, and as General Manager of Network Finance Department ( Shenzhen Product Innovation Lab)

          Mr. Cai Kunshan – Executive Director

          Mr. Cai served in ABC Shenzhen Branch from 2000 and transferred to Main Branch in 2009, where he served successively as senior specialist of Private Banking Department Preparatory Office, deputy general manager of Private Banking Department Marketing Division and general manager of Private Banking Comprehensive Management Division.


        Mr. Artur Jorge Teixeira Santos - Executive Director

        Equipped with over 23-year of experiences in the banking industry; served successively as CFO, Deputy CEO and CEO of Banco Nacional Ultramarino Macao.


        Mr. Vong Hin Fai - Supervisory Board Member

       Registered Lawyer and private notary in Macau, and appointed as the Designated Notary (Macao) of the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China since 2006; Member of CPPCC National Committee; Member of the Legislative Council of Macao.

        CSC & Associates, Auditors (Represented by Mr. Mok Chi Meng) - Supervisory Board Member

        Founded by Mr. Chui Sai Cheong, member of the Legislative Council of Macao and certified accountant.