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OneLink Cashback Program

Well Link Bank to provide a rebate of 8% on the CEM monthly electricity bill

OneLink CashBack Program Terms and Conditions - EN.pdf


        Well Link Bank, which has recently opened an agency in NAPE, has announced the launching of a cashback program which provides a rebate of 8% on the CEM monthly electricity bill, up to a bill amount not exceeding MOP 1,100, which will be credited on the date of payment of the electricity bill. To qualify for this rebate program, you must use the Bank's CEM Autopay service and keep a balance of at least MOP 50,000 in a savings account. The Bank also guarantees that the 8% rebate will be maintained for a period of at least two years.

        Well Link Bank will continue to make available a diversified and competitive range of financial products through various distribution channels, including mobile banking, and a personalized service to its customers.

Macau, November 2018

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